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The Daily Bugle
Today was a blast plus tiring.

All thanks to Abu for making me laugh my ass of today.

Stop calling, stop calling, I dont wanna talk anymore...... HAHA! :D
Will upload pics soon.

Be it deaf, blind or mute or whatever shit it is. Nothing is gonna change. Not a million eyes, ears and voice boxes is gonna substitute the friendship. And you're still my cheekygirl. Everything is going to be okay. Hopefully. :)

Lots of Love, 9/10.

Hi today I go HARBOURFRONT and then I saw someone helping out an old SICK person. Then I feel like want to pee. So I go TOILET ahhh then outside the toilet got this couple. The lelaki not so handsome but the girl very pretty. Then the girl was saying, 'Waa this is beautiful...'. Then I realise the guy got give the girl very nice NECKLACE gold colour one. Then I hungry I go macdonald eat MAC SPICY and then suddenly i like very sad but now okay already.

The End. (:

sorry ah english very bad.

And I promise with all heart that I will never ever ever ever EVER commit myself to you ever again. All those times... AIYAHHHHHHH why was I so bodoh laaaaaaa. K dah.

I promise and promise hard.

I've always wanted to be on tv. One of my wildest dreams. But not on Just For Laughs. I look like one jammed photocopy machine. Skip to 9:20 onwards.

Okay GAGS. You got me. :D

Dear Diary-which-is-visible-for-the-whole-world-to-see,

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. Thinking about what have I been doing this past few days. To be real, the thing that I have been doing lately is sleeping. A LOT OF SLEEPING. And yes I have fallen in love, yet again. Now you guys are thinking that the rest of my post is going to be about that very special person? If not, very good and if otherwise, Wrong. I bloghop and facebook-hop if that is an acceptable term, every single day to see people write long long posts about that special someone, not being able to get over someone, beginning to start sharing a special bond and a whole lot of other things which leads back to Love. Seriously, and I mean no offence at all to anyone in particular, actually, nobody gives a shit. I just thought at this age what the hell is love? Do we even know the meaning of that 4 letter word? And yes some people do care to read long long posts. Some people do give a shit. Ever asked why? The reason is simple. The people that usually care to ask and are prepared to give a listening ear are friends. Friends who care about YOU. Not about you AND that special someone just YOU. And here comes friendship who extends a helping hand, and you get blinded of the real gem that friendship actually possess by LOVE, which at this age might last, 8 months? 5 weeks? 3 hours? 2 days?

At this age we fail to work out a relationship for us to realise. To realise that at this age such things are not our commitment to begin with and friendship and family are the most important things in life. Such things are not worth the time. We all have dreams. That time span could be use to fulfill the dream. And by what? By studying. By making our parents proud. By achieving what you want in life before you even think about love. All of us wants to get in to a relationship that will work. Work as in you see that person getting married with you. You see that person being with you till you die no matter what the circumstances. Yes its a superb feeling to be in love. It makes your life a lot more spicy and happening. But all that can wait and now is not the time. So still think I'm in love? ^^

Lengthy huh. I hope I drill myself enough this time.

Time for a new beginning baby. Let's fly. (:

1...2...3~ FLY!

Back to blogging. Internet is finally back up. Settle my facebook first before posting something real up here.